Chinthaka was a wonderful guide and chauffeur for our recent 8 day trip around Sri Lanka. This was our second trip to Sri Lanka and we chose to restrict ourselves to Yala and the Hill country on this occasion. Sri Lankan traffic and roads can be challenging to visitors – yet we felt totally relaxed with his cautious and safe driving. He has an immense knowledge of all things Sri Lankan – historical, cultural, religious and natural. This really helped our experience beyond expectations. Our plans had really only encompassed beach, sunshine and several safari’s in Yala for photography and then enjoying the scenery of the tea plantations and hill country – yet with his input we have come away with a wonderful appreciation of Sri Lanka and the many things that make up this exciting country to visit. Chinthaka also has excellent contacts with others in the industry – with the guide he used in Yala as an example. Between the 2 of them we had brilliant views of leopards on 3 separate occasions – which was the main purpose of our visit. With his humour and excellent English he also proved quite a conversationalist – which made time pass quickly during the driving which we both enjoyed. For our next trip we would plan contacting him directly to arrange an itinerary – as this would clearly be far more efficient than numerous hours on the internet which I have undertaken prior to this and also our previous visit in August 2015.